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Sustainable Dining


We are a leader in the dining industry when it comes to sustainability. Company-wide programs aim to reduce our environmental impact through lowered energy usage, decreased waste, and local sourcing.

Our EcoSteps™ illustrate the progress we have made to address sustainable food service, greening our dining operations, and expand our role as a socially responsible organization. Preserving our planet’s resources for future generations is of the utmost importance.

We took our ­first big EcoStep in 2002, when we developed our FarmSource® program to put locally-produced products onto our guests’ plates. Since then, we’ve expanded FarmSource® and taken many more steps toward sustainability.

Our goal is to provide a thorough and transparent look at our sustainability focus. Our work in this area continually expands and evolves as we strive to be a more socially responsible company. We will always keep our guests in mind without comprising our delivery of an authentic culinary experience.


FarmSource® is an initiative to find and partner with some of the ­nest growers and producers of food in our communities. Through FarmSource®, 20% of the food for your dining program is provided by local sources.


FarmSource® produce is sourced within 150 miles from our local distributors. We selected these growers through farmer-based organizations.


FarmSource® dairy products come from farms which are within 150 miles from the milk processing facility. These dairies are independently owned and operated by local farm families that choose not to treat their herds with rBGH (bovine growth hormone). We purchase from these dairies because we believe in preserving the natural credibility of our milk supply.


FarmSource® meat applies to regional meat producers. These facilities are USDA inspected and source their animals from farms that are within a three hour drive from the processing facility.


FarmSource® artisan producers devote their time, energy and passion to a limited line of products that emphasize high quality and unique flavors as they craft their products. Often these producers have but a single product line, produced at a single facility.