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Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to providing quality foods and services to enhance the daily lives of our customers. If there are any ways we can serve you better, please don't hesitate to contact us. Learn more about our team below and be sure to say hello when you see us at our dining location.

Your Dining Team

Dave Manz

Resident District Manager

Nick Corbett

General Manager, Retail Dining

(412) 396-1329


Carrie Frobe

Director, Retail Dining 

(412) 396-5646


April Bowen

Assistant Director, Residential Dining

(412) 396-5647


Alex Iracheta

Director, Residential Dining

(412) 396-5208


Mike Kozminski

Assistant Director, Retail Dining

(412) 396-1328


Jonathan Pittek

Assistant Director, Retail Dining

(412) 396-4251


Sharen Logesky

Business Manager

(412) 396-1823



Your Catering Team

Cindy Fuchs

Assistant Director of Catering

(412) 396-5385


Allison Hines

Assistant Director of Catering, Weddings & External Events

(412) 396-6613

Your Chefs

Tim Fetter

Executive Chef

(412) 396-5651

Tyler Hall

Executive Sous Chef, Retail Dining

(412) 396-6457

Isaiah Benjamin

Executive Sous Chef, Catering

(412) 396-6650

Scott Brissel

Executive Sous Chef, Residential Dining

(412) 396-2581

Kory West

Executive Sous Chef, Residential Dining

(412) 396-2581