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FarmSource is an initiative to source from the finest growers and producers of food in our communities letting the foods they produce influence our menu. We believe the food journey begins with caring for ingredients and animals, so we go to great lengths to work with local farms who are doing the right thing. We believe these extra steps not only enable us to build valuable relationships with the local agricultural community, but also enhance the quality and freshness of our product offerings. In turn, providing our customers with the best locally grown food, from the best local partners.

Produce - we take pride in the local produce that we feature, and continue to search for and partner with the best growers in the communities in which we do business.

Dairy and Egg - FarmSource dairies are operated by local farm families who choose not to treat their herds with rBGH (bovine growth hormone). We purchase from these dairies because we believe in preserving the natural credibility of our milk supply.

Meats - we work closely with these companies to ensure high standards of animal care, well-being, and nutrition.