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Summer Dining

Who is required to have a Summer Flex Plan?
All students living on campus, with the exception of Brottier Hall.

How much Flex do I get in a Summer Flex Plan?
Summer Flex Plan holders will receive $100 per week for the length of their contract during the summer term or the length of their housing contract.

Where is Summer Flex Plan accepted?
Summer Flex Plan is accepted at all dining locations on campus that are operating during the summer months. These locations include Hogan Dining Center, The Incline, Starbucks, Campus Market, and Freshens. There is no time restraint at Starbucks during the summer months. Hogan Dining Center will open at the end of July and will accept Summer Flex Plans.

What if I don't use all my Summer Flex Plan?
For active Duquesne students, any amount left on your Summer Flex Plan after the Summer term will roll over into the next academic year. All Summer Flex Plans will expire at the end of the academic year.

Non-Duquesne students and Duquesne students graduating prior to the start of the fall term must use their Summer Flex Plans before the expiration of your Summer Housing Contract.

What if I use all my Summer Flex Plan?
If all funds are used prior to the end week or for any reason a resident needs more than $100 per week, residents have the option of purchasing PLUS. PLUS can be purchased in any amount over $50 or can be billed to student accounts with the purchase of a PLUS Plan in the amounts of $300, $500, $750, or $1,000.

What if I already have PLUS or DU Dollars on my card?
PLUS is still accessible, but Summer Flex Plan funds will be used first. If you go over the amount of Summer Flex Plan dollars, then any funds you may have on PLUS will be used and then DU Dollars. During the academic year, the following order will be accepted: Meal Swipe, Summer Flex Plan, Meal Plan Flex, PLUS, DU Dollars.

Is Meal Swipe Equivalency available over the summer?
Meal Swipe Equivalency is not available during the summer. The Incline does offer both all-you-care-to-eat and a la carte options in the summer only.

How can I check my Summer Flex Plan and PLUS balances?
To check balances on the Blackboard eAccounts app from the App Store or Google Play, search Duquesne University, select LDAPS, login using your multipass username and password, then go to Accounts to check balances and transactions. Additionally, you can ask any cashier for your remaining balance of Summer Flex Plan or PLUS, or you can visit the Duquesne Dining Office in the Duquesne Union - Suite 333.

Where can I find menus and hours of operation?
Menus and hours of operation for dining locations are available via campus dining app, FoodU, and on our website at